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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Homestead

The Reese Family Homestead is for sale.

2828 Nw Hayes Av Corvallis, OR 97330
$339,900  6 Bed, 2.5 Bath 4,016 Sq Ft on 0.5 Acres (21,780 Sq Ft Lot

This makes me sad.  In an increasingly uncertain world, the homestead was one thing I foolishly thought would always be there.  It was a testament to hard work, faith and making your dreams become a reality.  Dar and Margaret saved and built their dream home from a plan they got from a magazine.  

I loved the organization and thought built into the closets and cupboards.  They had customized underground slots for their garbage cans.  The oversize garage was unheard of in homes of that era.   They had a courtyard of sorts behind the garage with an in ground slot for the clothes line.  They had one in the back too so you could get the best sun for drying clothes on the line.  Grandma had some amazing fuscia baskets that she would winter over and hang out only when it was certain that the weather would be warm enough.

Behind those doors was a completely organized sewing cupboard.  The closet to the left of the bedroom door was organized to hold the millions of slides Grandpa took.  It's also where they hid the silver!  Don't you just love those green countertops?  Very 70's!

There is a built in fire pit in the back yard. Sadly, in the 35 years I knew them, we only used it once.
Grandpa Reese was an expert in pouring concrete and did all the concrete himself.

The living room wall where Grandma's piano was placed.

The big picture windows looking out on the HUGE back yard. Grandma Reese made the curtains herself. The carpet is wool and she always said it would last forever.

This is the detached large garage/workshop.  Grandpa did all the work himself.  It's size was dictated by the size of the garage door which was given to him by a friend! 

I hope you have some happy memories of being there.  This is where your Dad came running down the stairs to the basement and gave me my engagement ring.  He was so cute.