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Friday, August 20, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Chases have left us to live in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.  I was exicted about John's success and encouraged the move wholeheartedly.  And then I realized I would not have Friday  play dates any more or 'dinner drop-ins' and I was sad.

I started my Saturday clean up chores and found reminders throughout the house.
Friends in the bathroom.

extra rations bought by Papa

Kids cups where you can reach them.

Then we took our last trip to 'Waterfall Park' which is one of the very best places to play.  It had been so hot lately, that most of the geese where under the trees in the shade.  Michael felt it was his duty to corrall as many as possible.

Top of the mountain
Last chance to feed the ducks
Michael the Geese herder
Picture rock
Love you all--be good--be happy.

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