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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So, about the picture. It was taken in the fall of 1971. It was the Military Ball--a formal dance and a BIG to do! I was excited. I got to go to the beauty parlor (not called that anymore) and have my hair done. Hence the big hair. We had dinner with some friends and then went to the dance. Imagine a kind of grown up prom. In fact, the dress I'm wearing was my Sr. prom gown. Yep! Even after my first baby I still looked slim! Check out the collar bones!

The picture is taken at the Reese Homestead. Grandma and Grandpa Reese baby sat Dianne for us. We were young, hopeful and excited about the future. Confident in each other and goodness life would bring.

The only sad part of the evening was the prostesters who were rather rudely and vocally protesting the Vietnam War. Many of our friends were slated to serve there and it was hard for me to understand why they would be so angry at the people who were actually going to risk their lives there. There was a lot of shouting and egg throwing which was really scary to me. But I felt safe with your Dad. He was so cute! To me he was everything I ever wanted.

Love you all!


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